Yes! You’re coming to our school! What kind of presentation can we expect and how long are your events?

We’re excited, too! We like to make our events engaging and interactive! Each event normally lasts between 1 – 4 hours. This includes a reading of the book and discussions, and can further include role play and interactive Q&A. Our goal is to always inspire young thinkers to feel informed and determined to create change in their own way.


What age range is the book intended for?

The recommended age range is 6 -12 year olds, however, children as young as four and as old as fourteen can easily engage with “Girls Do Good”. And, adults love it, too!

Do you read, share background information and sign books?

Yes, we do readings of the book. We can also talk about the journey, the different global stories and why they are important and inspiring (this latter option is well-suited for an older audience). We also do book signings.

What else can our school expect from your visit?

We’re happy you asked! We are able to show Augmented Reality aspects of the book. These are fun, socially conscious gamified learning experiences that help bring the stories to life. Further, readers can also color the book in – both online (through usage of a web plug in) and in the printed copy of the book.

Our methodology comes sensory-based learning, value-based learning and cognitive learning. We are happy to meet with teachers and parents to share ways they can use ‘Girls Do Good’ to inspire their children to ‘do good’ and be agents of change.

Is there a hard copy/print component or is the book 100% digital?

For sure! ‘Girls Do Good’ is a beautiful hardcover book with a sleeve and recycled paper! It’s a large format which makes it fun to read and easy to color in. It’s a beautiful and inspiring gift to give and to receive.

Do attendees need to purchase the book in order to experience it?

Yes. We can propose suitable packages depending on your needs. Please contact us directly at hello@girlsdogood.co.

How can we explore the technology if our school has a no-phone policy or students don’t have access to phones?

That’s not a problem at all – the book stands strong on its own! That was a deliberate choice – we didn’t want to exclude the global population of kids that don’t have access to a phone or the parents that prefer a break from digital interaction.

Is there a review or demo copy of the book that I can share with prospective schools?

Please note we cannot give demo copies of the book at this time, but we do offer great discount packages. Please click here to learn more or email us at hello@girlsdogood.co.